About Us

Green Valley Christmas Trees ®

Green Valley Christmas Trees ® was created with the mission to bring beautiful, fresh natural Christmas trees to our customers’ doorsteps. Here at Green Valley Christmas Trees ®, we believe that the holidays should be a time to celebrate the season, spend time with family and friends, and enjoy. With our natural mail-order trees, you can order from the comfort of your home and be assured that a premium, fresh real Christmas tree will be delivered to your door. You won’t have to fight holiday traffic, nor will you have to worry about lifting a heavy tree, dragging it down the street, or scratching your car.

Our natural mail-order Christmas trees have been hand-selected by our farmers to ensure that the trees meet our high quality standards for shape, fullness, color and quality. To ensure the maximum freshness of your natural Christmas tree, we harvest and ship our trees in the same day, in a special moisture-resistant carton that protects your tree during transit. We drill all our trees to make it easier for you to set them up once they arrive. With a natural Christmas tree from Green Valley Christmas Trees ®, you will be able to enjoy a lush, fresh and fragrant Christmas tree throughout the entire season.

At Green Valley Christmas Trees ®, we believe that a natural Christmas tree is the best kind of Christmas tree to have for the holidays. Natural Christmas trees have a beautiful, fresh holiday scent that you and your family can enjoy all season long. After Christmas, your natural tree can be recycled or composted, and you certainly won’t have to worry about storing your tree year over year. Finally, a natural mail-order Christmas tree offers you the utmost in convenience and quality. We strive to offer our customers only the best natural Christmas trees for those precious holiday memories.