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5½ - 6 Foot Nordmann Fir

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Mountain Majesty
  • Strong layered branches with soft flat needles
  • Lush foliage made of long dark green needles with waxy cuticles
  • Mild holiday fragrance suited for people with allergies
  • Excellent needle retention

We carefully hand-select your 5.5' to 6' Nordmann Fir Christmas Tree from our farms in Oregon and are measured from the base of the trunk to the end of the leader tip, which is the highest point of the tree. Your tree will be harvested and shaken to remove excess needles before being placed into a special moisture-resistant carton. Your tree will be cut and shipped within 48 hours of your chosen ship date.

Our Price: $129.00


5.5 - 6 Foot Nordmann Fir Christmas tree

Native to the picturesque hills of the United Kingdom and Germany and the breath-taking mountain ranges along the coast of the Black Sea, the Nordmann Fir is valued for its strong layered branches ideal for hanging large ornaments. The evergreen foliage found on Nordmann Fir Christmas Trees features dark green tips with waxy cuticles that have a gorgeous sheen that prevents the foliage from drying.

The sturdy branches on our 5.5'-6' Nordmann Fir Christmas Tree are evenly spaced, providing ample room for holiday ornaments of varying sizes. The Nordmann Fir's full silhouette is filled with soft plush needles, which make it a fine choice for a classic holiday centerpiece. The mild fragrance of this tree is suitable for people who are allergic to regular Christmas tree scents.

We carefully choose our Nordmann Fir Christmas Trees from our farms in Oregon to provide you with only the best holiday tree. We make sure that each tree meets our high standards for hue, fullness, shape, symmetry, and needle strength. They are harvested and delivered within 48 hours of your chosen ship date.

Watch this video to learn more about the Nordmann Fir by a Green Valley Christmas Trees™ grower.

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